Residents - Meet the Residents LP

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  • The album had been recorded as a break from the huge Vileness Fats project. Like the band's first release, the 1972 single Santa Dog, this album was produced at home, creating sounds with tape effects and instruments - which the band still didn't really know how to play. The Residents were also not using synthesizers yet. Meet the Residents is more organized than Santa Dog, though, and demonstrated a little more skill with the instruments. The album was fairly close to the traditional album format: a series of songs, some seguéing into the next. The Residents put a lot of attention into the packaging as well as the music, though the defaced Beatles cover upset Capitol Records greatly. John Lennon proudly displayed his own copy at home. The cover also became the favorite piece of evidence for the old "The Beatles are the Residents" theory. The whole, bizarre Residents trip started here (at least officially)! Mixing everything from Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart to Raymond Scott and Sun Ra in the world's most bizarre blender, this one is the place to start in the wild and weird world of the Residents. Back on wax for the first time in years with digital download card.