Get a job.

Wax Trax is hiring! 

Wax Trax is looking for a person who’s very detail-oriented and organized, in good physical shape, loves to be moving and staying busy, and wants to learn more about music and recorded music. This job is entry-level and is physically demanding. Women, people of color, and LGBTQ are strongly encouraged to apply. Our staff and management are accustomed to being flexible and covering for people who occasionally need some time off to do a show now and then (though tours are a different conversation).  

Inventory Specialist 

We’re a small and growing business, and this job is tightly focused on making sure our stock, including what people see on display in the store and online, reflects accurately what we physically have in the store. This involves a lot of running around and pulling overstock to put on display, a lot of checking what the database says against what is physically here, working with the website manager to keep the website accurate, and a lot of organizational tasks at both the new and used stores of Wax Trax. We need someone who naturally loves to stay busy and is willing to work! This job is also a great way to learn about recorded music and work your way into a counter sales position at our store.  

Skills required 

  1. Ability to lift heavy boxes of LPs
  2. Ability to be moving around on your feet all day, including doing lots of squats! 
  3. Proficient with Excel and/or Google Sheets
  4. Experience with and an aptitude for understanding databases


  1. Detail oriented
  2. Strong work ethic
  3. Self-starter
  4. Emotionally intelligent
  5. Talks to strangers
  6. Physically fit 

Extra credit for: 

  1. Experience with point of sale systems and/or ecommerce websites
  2. Knowledge of and passion for music
  3. Any kind of experience in the music industry
  4. You don’t have to be in a band but it sure doesn’t hurt

Other requirements: 

Must be available to work regular 8-hour long shifts on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. There is an option to work 9-hour long shifts on those weekdays and 10-hour shifts on those weekend days if desired.  


This is an entry level position that starts at $14.77-$15.50/hr based on relevant experience. The full range of pay for this position is $14.77-$16.50/hr based on performance. 

To apply: 

Send a resume and a cover letter with the word “resume” in the subject line to [email protected] before August 13th (but don’t delay, we’re looking for someone in the short-term).  Please do NOT contact us by phone or in person regarding this position (unless we contact you first). It’s emails only to start the process.