LCD Soundsystem - (self-titled) LP

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  • As half of production team DFA (Rapture, Black Dice, Radio 4), [Murphy] created and defined the new sound of the underground. As LCD Soundsystem, he's given the movement its anthem in..."Losing My Edge..." [LCD Sounsystem] is like a collision between Motown and the Happy Mondays, with extra-wired, teethgrinding nervous energy. --Alex Needham, NME James Murphy must be having the time of his life. The beefy Brooklynite is one half of DFA, the in-demand producers who transformed The Rapture from skronky artpunks into a relevant-sounding concern....LCD Soundsystem ...mines a similar seam of nervy hedonism and raw punk-funk energy....[I]t's the sound of a major new talent striving-- and succeeding-- to be original. Respect. --Piers Martin, NME


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