Vile, Kurt - B'lieve I'm Goin' Down... 2LP

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  • B'lieve I'm Goin (deep) Vile's sixth album, and shows Kurt both deeply introspective and briskly self-assured.

    As longtime fan Kim Gordon wrote about the album: "Kurt does his own myth-making; a boy/man with an old soul voice in the age of digital everything becoming something else, which is why this focused, brilliantly clear and seemingly candid record is a breath of fresh air."

    Recorded and mixed in a number of locations, including Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, B'lieve I'm Goin (Deep) Down... is a handshake across the country, east to west coast, through the dustbowl history ("Valley Of Ashes") of Woody honest, Straight forward talk Guthrie, and a Cali canyon dead still night floating in a nearly waterless landscape.

    The record is all air, weightless, bodyless, but grounded in convincing authenticity, in the best version of singer-songwriter upcycling.


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