Record Store Day 2024 is 4/20 at 2 spots!! (Cap Hill + Baker)

For RSD 2024 on Saturday, April 20, Wax Trax will have TWO (2) locations with RSD's rare and coveted vinyl LPS, one in Capitol Hill, and in Baker neighborhood! And those 2 stores are each raffling off 2 of the new generation Victrola turntables!!

(These new Victrola's don't suck.) 

The two stores will also complement each other on the Time spectrum, opening at different times so that both early birds and late-risers have an excellent chance at their holy grails. 

Cap Hill (638 E. 13th Ave) - will open at 8am.

Here we've ordered everything that's worth getting (except some of the oddball regional items, tired RSD regulars, and super obscure 7"/45s)

Broadway Bazaar (200 S. Broadway in Baker) will open at 10am,

Here we'll have just a slightly more curated RSD selection so it fits in our new space!

Other rules include:

  • It’s first come, first served - please be good to each other in the line!
  • No store in the country is ever 100% sure about receiving stuff, but most likely we'll have it and if it's popular we'll have a ton of it. (e.g. yes, the Noah Kahan, the Team Sleep, the 100 Gecs, the Jazz Dispensary, the BDP, the MLWTKC, we will have plenty of these and much more!) 
  • All normal RSD rules still apply, no holds, only 1 of the same title.
  • RSD items that don't sell in the shop are and/or will start appearing online here on Sunday. 
  • To see what's available, seek out the full RSD list here. If you're after something super-obscure feel free to ask us about it. 
  • The store is all very very well stocked and we always make a big drop at the used store on the same day. 

All of this means that you’re going to have a pretty damn good chance of finding what you’re after (and what you didn't know you were after) here at Wax Trax, as always. 

Thanks and see you soon! 

---The staff at Wax Trax