RSD Black Friday 2023 is Nov. 24!

It's time for Black Friday 2023! Our staff says: "8am, what?" 

So here’s what you need to know: 

  • We will open at 8am on Friday morning, November 24 (2023).
  • It’s first come, first served but please do your best to be kind and mind your public health! We will limit the capacity of the store if needed.
  • We ordered all the good stuff (except some of the oddball regional items, tired RSD regulars, and the more obscure 7"/45s).
  • No store in the country is ever 100% sure about receiving stuff, but most likely we'll have it and if it's popular we'll have a ton of it. (e.g. yes, the Turnstile/Badbadnotgood thingy, the Nas, etc, we will have plenty of it!) 
  • All normal RSD rules still apply, no holds, only 1 of the same title.
  • RSD items that don't sell in the shop are and/or will start appearing online here on Sunday. 
  • To see what's available, seek out the RSD list here
  • The store is very very well stocked and we are still figuring out what crazy stuff we'll have at the used store. 

All of this means that you’re going to have a pretty damn good chance of finding what you’re after (and what you didn't know you were after) here at Wax Trax, as always. 

Thanks and see you soon! 

---The staff at Wax Trax