Wax Trax Record Store Day 2021

Hey Wax Trax fam, 

We don’t want to bore you with a lot of RSD jibber jabber, but we’re excited to see you and the bands Juliet Mission and Sunnnner down here this Saturday June 12 (also Saturday July 17) and we’ve got a ton of rare vinyl* to sell ya.

We're especially excited to see you if you're new to the whole Record Store Day thing! We'll have Dave (aka D.A.) and Pete roaming the racks to answer your questions on the day of the event. 

So here’s what you need to know: 

  • We will open at 8am (this wasn’t our idea btw!) 
  • It’s first come, first served but please do your best to maintain social-distancing and have masks on before you enter the store. We will have a much higher capacity limit than normal as we’ll have extra ventilation going on and more room for people to spread out in. 
  • We ordered just about everything, and we are receiving huge numbers of the big items (yes including that Dead box set, Flaming Lips, Amy Winehouse, Freddie Gibbs, and you name it). We also have a lot of other stuff coming back in, in massive quantities. Stuff we have seen in a while, such as Anderson Paak Ventura, Outkast Atliens, and more. 
  • We ask that all of you please try to keep your time shopping to 15-20 minutes (you can always come back later in the day when things slow down). Respect the folks waiting to get in!
  • All normal RSD rules still apply, no holds, please don’t call us to check stock, we’ll be busy selling the thing you’re calling about, so come on down and snag it!
  • We will be putting things online at waxtraxrecords.com once things start to calm down in the shop. That could be the same day or the next day (Sunday). 
  • To see what’s available, seek out the RSD list here
  • The only things we didn’t order are regional things like comps of local North Carolina bands, and some of the less exciting 7” 45s.

All of this means that you’re going to have a pretty damn good chance of finding what you’re after here at Wax Trax, even if you’re not the first in line.  

LIVE MUSIC: At around 1pm, we’re excited to welcome the local bands Juliet Mission and Sunnnner to our spacious piece of sidewalk real estate! 

Thanks and see you soon! 

---The staff at Wax Trax

* Please note that we did not say "miles of vinyl" but a "ton of vinyl" which yes, we do have. Though rare can be pretty subjective.