Wax Trax Record Store Black Friday!

We look forward to seeing everyone, in a socially distanced way, on Friday, November 27th for the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday! We've been stocking up on giftable vinyl and CDs, and we'll have a big selection of RSD limited edition vinyl when we open our doors at 9 a.m.

SIGN UP FORM: No waiting (come on down!)  

What we’ll have:

  • As per usual, at the CORNER STORE we will have a well-curated selection of limited edition vinyl from the labels, including the discs everyone is after, as well as plenty of the more off-the-beaten-path vinyl for the more demanding/twisted ears out there. The venerable D.A. will be on hand to explain what we’ve got and what has sold out. 
  • While you're waiting you can also check out the USED STORE.  

The Rules: 

We debated our approach quite a bit and talked it over with our staff, and what we came up with is a very analog Record Store Day strategy that still allows passersby or people who are not tech-savvy to organically participate, while still providing the same high levels of COVID safety that have been helping our customers and staff feel safe about buying and selling music since the crisis began. Since our first RSD this year, we've added a little tech tweak to make the lines move a little faster in the morning hours. 

Most importantly, please pay attention to the following rules—crafted to keep us all safe:

  • NO PRE-OPENING LINES ALLOWED -- Anyone waiting at the door or near the door of either store at or before 9am will be asked to walk around the block before coming in or getting the codes. The folks who are the most socially distanced, and who are not jockeying for position might be selected first, and everyone else will have a fair shot at signing up for the waiting list with a QR code or by watching this page for the link. That means you gotta arrive on our sidewalk after you physically see our doors open. DO NOT LINE UP OR CROWD NEAR OUR ENTRANCE!
  • OUR HOURS for Fri. Nov. 27th: 9am – 7pm
  • LIMITED CAPACITY – We will maintain our normal COVID capacity for both stores—it will not be any more crowded inside than our normal weekends (our max is 7-8 customers per store). 
  • A WAITING LIST RELEASED at 9AM WITH TEXT NOTIFICATION – Once our front doors are propped open, anyone above our max capacity will join a waiting list for one or both storefronts by giving their name and number at either door, or by going to a form at the link that will appear near the top of this page just after we open on Saturday (we will also have QR codes posted on the outside walls of the store. (Those who don’t have text ability will be given an approximate time to come back).
    • WHILE WAITING, CHECK OUT THE NEIGHBORHOOD! – It could be a great time to check out Kilgore’s Books next door, get an outdoor breakfast at Jelly on the corner, an iced coffee at Hudson Hill across the street or Thump! Coffee up the street, lop off those COVID-locks at Steel & Lather Barbers, or simply take a stroll in sunny Capitol Hill and check out the sights. Come later on and you can eat a Benny Blanco’s slice while pondering a Landmark Tattoo across the street, or get a fancy-pants drink and some Trinidadian food in the cool and expansive tropical setting of Bang Up the Elephant! Just around the corner from our store. 
  • EACH STORE TEXTS YOU INDEPENDENTLY WHEN YOUR TIME IS NEAR,  when you're texted go to the store that's texting you and let the person at the door know your name. Please make sure to socially distance while waiting!
  • 20-MINUTE TIME LIMIT - We ask that everyone limit themselves to 20-minutes of browsing per-store. This decreases the chances of transmission as well as allows more people to shop. 
  • NORMAL RSD RULES APPLY - All normal Record Store Rules apply (e.g. You can’t buy multiple copies of the same record!) 
  • NORMAL COVID RULES APPLY - As always, maintain a six-foot distance, wear a mask, mandatory hand-sanitizer provided, temperatures taken at the door. Do not come if you feel sick! 

This analog strategy also allows you to make a day of 13th Avenue, and safely support our amazing neighbors. 

We love the walkability of our location and all the people who regularly stop by, and just as we don’t want to take away anyone’s ability to do a little impromptu vinyl browsing in our shop, we hope that, if you feel safe, you will do a little impromptu visiting of the other small businesses in our neighborhood. 

And particularly if you haven’t experienced Record Store Day before, we encourage you to come on down and make a day of it. You can find things you may never find again! 

There will be tons of good finds here for every musical taste—no need to rush! 

Thank you, 

The crew at Wax Trax