Blind Willie Mctell - 1940 LP

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  • Track List:1. A1 Chainey 2:46;2. A2 Murderer's Home Blues 3:03;3. A3 Kill-It-Kid Rag 2:40;4. A4 I Got to Cross de River O' Jordan 1:53;5. A5 Monologue on History of the Blues Monologue on Life As Maker of Records: Monologue on Himself 5:37;6. A6 Monologue on Old Songs Old Time Religion Amen 3:00;7. B1 Will Fox 1:34;8. B2 Dying Crapshooter's Blues 3:07;9. B3 Amazing Grace 1:20;10. B4 Monologue on Accidents 1:50;11. B5 Just As Well Get Ready You Got to Die: Climbin' High Mountains Tryin' to Get Home 2:49;12. B6 King Edward Blues 1:45;13. B7 Delia 2:38;14. B8 Boll Weevil 1:54;15. B9 I Got to Cross the River Jordan 4:31