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This is a group of five pictures taken of The Misfits playing at the Mercury Cafe when it was located around the corner from Wax Trax Records. John Meggitt's band, Child Abuse, opened for The Misfits -- there weren't many people there that night -- it was pretty cold out (I don't recall when the show happened but I suppose it was in the mid-80's sometime).

I have to admit, I never really cared much for The Misfits -- I saw them one other time when they played at the Aztlan Theater but I left that night without taking any pics -- this may have been the show Jim Hucks got whacked in the face while down in the pit (Jim, if you see this you can correct me here -- as well as let me know what you're up to these days).

Anyway, click on the small pics below to see a bigger version:




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